The 20th New Life Concert Anniversary

The 20th New Life Concert

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The New Life Concert celebrated its 20th anniversary. On December 2, 2019, the 20th New Life Concert was hosted by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, Korea. Sponsored by Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sejong General Hospital, and Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association, on this day Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the WeLoveU board members, Vice President of Lao Front National for Development Khamla Lingnasone, H.E. Sylvestre Kouassi Bile the Ambassador of Cote d’Ivoire to Korea, foreign diplomats from 16 countries, WeLoveU members, and invited guests, a total of 8500 people, attended the concert.

New Life Concert’s 20 Years of Hope and Miracles

The New Life Concert is an annual event of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which has been held since 2000, and is the largest charity concert in Korea. The first half of the concert started with a screening of a 20th anniversary video followed by Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s opening address and congratulatory remarks from H.E. Sylvestre Kouassi Bile the Ambassador of Cote d’Ivoire to Korea. The anniversary video contained congratulatory messages from distinguished people from all over the world and the news of our neighbors who were able to get back on their feet with the support through the concerts; it was heartwarming for all the attendees watching.

Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah looked back on the past 20 years of the New Life Concerts and expressed her gratitude for all the support. She also delivered a message of encouragement to all the participants, saying, “Through this time, let’s put aside our pain and suffering for a moment, singing songs of love together, and stand up for a bright and hopeful future.” At the fund delivery ceremony, a total of 400 million KRW [about 350,000 USD] was delivered to refugees, displaced persons, and underprivileged households in 18 overseas countries; and in Korea to 211 underprivileged families, multicultural households, and typhoon victims in Samcheok, Uljin, and Yeongdeok.

The New Life Concert, Enough to Forget Even the Freezing Cold

The second half of the New Life Concert began with a cheerful performance by the New Life Children’s Choir. Sopranos Park Mi-hye, Kang Min-seong, baritone Oh Yu-seok, singers Lee Yong, Lee Seung-hun, Kim Jong-hwan, Lia Kim, Yun Tae-gyu, and Jeong Su-ra heated up the atmosphere in the stadium with the donation of their talents.

A variety of performances followed, from calming lyrics that resonate in the heart to exciting melodies that move the body. The audience forgot about the freezing cold and cheered, being one in mind. In particular, by taking part in the WeLoveU’s “Clean Action” campaign to protect the environment, a beautiful scene of waving cell phone flashlights instead of disposable luminous sticks filled the stadium. Even though the concert was held on a weekday evening in cold weather, the singers expressed how moved they were at the large number of people who attended and their enthusiastic response.

“Congratulations on hosting the 20th New Life Concert. It’s not easy to do anything consistently for over 10 years, but it’s amazing that it’s has continued on for 20 years. After my performance, everybody gave me such a big round of applause; I feel like I received more than I gave. I was happy and grateful that I was able to sing here. I was really surprised to see so many people although it’s a weekday. I didn’t know the seats would be this filled. Your passion to help your neighbors is amazing. I encourage you to continue serving and sharing with that passion.”Soprano Kang Min-seong

Volunteering and Sharing for Neighbors, More Than 20 Years and Into the Future

The singers who donated their talents expressed their rewarding experience with one mind. The members, who hurried to the concert after finishing work, also said with one accord that they gained energy and comfort through the concert. Im Jeong-suk (from Yongsan-gu, Seoul) proudly said, “The more concerts there are, the more hope of a new life we can share, and the love in our hearts also seems to grow more.” Lim Hwan-yi (from Guro-gu, Seoul), who came to the event right after work, said, “It wasn’t difficult at the thought that I can be of help to someone just by being here with everyone. I plan to actively participate in the WeLoveU’s activities in the future.”

Over the past 20 years, more than 170,000 members and people have attended the New Life Concert, and through the concert love and hope for a new life have been delivered to 900 households in Korea and our neighbors in need in 25 countries. The WeLoveU has been creating miracles of hope around the world by gathering hearts who want to volunteer and share. Until the day when no one is left behind and all humankind can enjoy happiness, the hope of the WeLoveU will resonate throughout the world.