Introduction to New Life Concert

Melodies of Hope Resound
Throughout the World

The New Life Concert is a social well-being event to share the love of a mother and help global neighbors suffering from poverty, disease, disasters, and other hardships, including children in life-threatening conditions, through the songs of hope and warm-heartedness, wrapping up a year.

The 12th New Life Concert

Activity Goal

Give Courage and Encouragement to Neighbors Struggling With Pain Unknown to Others

The New Life Concert encourages neighbors living in difficulties,
with the love of a mother and the songs of hope.

The 10th New Life Concert


To create a world where the lives of people around the world are filled with songs of hope and happiness.

The 20th New Life Concert
The 15th New Life Concert
The 13th New Life Concert
The 11th New Life Concert
The 9th New Life Concert
The 20th New Life Concert

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation

At the end of every year, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation holds the New Life Concert filled with the warmth of a mother’s love.

Starting in the year 2000 by giving new life to children with heart disease in Korea, the WeLoveU has been extending its helping hand to countries around the world for the past twenty years. As part of the “Save the World” movement, the WeLoveU has been providing medical care and livelihood support, disaster relief and recovery efforts, water supply facility support, and improvement of the educational environment, and also achieving together the sustainable development goals [SDGs], a common goal of the international community.

The 11th New Life Concert

The WeLoveU members and their families, neighbors, friends, and co-workers attend the concert, and the beneficiaries also attend and share peace of mind and laughter together.

Ambassadors to Korea from countries such as Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey, Laos, Bangladesh, Egypt, Peru, and Paraguay, and people from various fields such as education, law, arts and culture, sports, and politics have participated to congratulate this meaningful event. As the years go by, many celebrities such as movie actors, musical actors, singers, and opera singers have participated by donating their talents, making the event even more prosperous.

This event gives new life, hope, and courage to those fighting illnesses in financial difficulties, youth-headed households, single-parent households, low-income households, senior-citizens living alone, multicultural families, underprivileged households and social vulnerable groups, victims suffering from various disasters, and climate refugees.

The New Life Concert is a place for global welfare exchange, transcending nationality, race, ethnicity, language, and culture, and a place for unity of the global village, centering on the love of a mother.