Joyfully Walking With the Global Village Family

The 19th New Life Concert

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 The melodies of hope for the global village families resounded at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. The 19th New Life Concert was held on November 25, 2018, hosted by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sejong General Hospital, and Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association. The concert was attended by distinguished guests from all walks of life, in Korea and from overseas, including Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and WeLoveU board members, Vice President of Lao Front for National Development Som Ock Kingsada, Head of the Judicial Power of Peru Justice Duberli Rodriguez Tineo, Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Climate Change Ambassador Yoo Yeon-chul. In addition, ambassadors to Korea from four countries, family members of diplomats in Korea from ten countries as well as 10,000 WeLoveU members and their families and neighbors filled the seats.

A Sustainable World Together With the Global Village Family

There are families in the global village who are still suffering from poverty, diseases, and disasters caused by climate change. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation holds the New Life Concert at the end of every year to help neighbors in need in Korea and overseas. In her opening speech, Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah said, “Just as Korea was able to accomplish the ‘Miracle on the Han River’ with the help from other countries in the past, let us help other countries and neighbors in need.” She also expressed her hope, saying, “I hope that the songs of love sung today will become the energy of life, deliver hope, become the light of encouragement and healing, and become the eternal songs of cheer that inspires the will to dream of independence and hope.”

Remarks of gratitude for the efforts of the WeLoveU to help the global village family followed. H.E. Adel Mohammad Adaileh the Ambassador of Jordan to Korea, H.E. Abida Islam the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Korea, and H.E. Khamsouay Keodalavong the Ambassador of Laos to Korea expressed their sympathy and support for Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s global well-being activities in their congratulatory address, and at a time when international cooperation is of the utmost importance, hoped to create a sustainable and peaceful world together with the WeLoveU which helps the global village family through various and practical humanitarian activities.

A Song of Hope Sung With One Mind for the Global Village Family

The New Life Children’s Choir, dressed in traditional costumes from various countries, opened the second part of the concert with a lively dance. It was followed by performances from the singers Cha Ji-yeon, Kim Seong-hwan, Kim Jong-hwan, Lia Kim, Yun Tae-gyu, and Jeong Su-ra. As the songs about family, love, and hope resounded throughout the stadium, the WeLoveU members, families of the beneficiaries, foreign diplomats, and everyone else in the audience cheered with one voice, moving to the music.

On this day when everyone became one in mind while singing songs of hope, a total of 400 million KRW [about 350,000 USD] was promised to support refugees along with educational institutions and public facilities in 20 countries including Gabon, Nepal, Laos, Mexico, Honduras, Jordan, Japan, as well as providing medical expenses and living expenses for 200 multicultural families and underprivileged households in Korea. Through this support, the audience cheered for the future of the global village families to be full of hope and joy. They also expressed their will to continuously work with the WeLoveU to help people in the global village.

The Vice President of Lao Front for National Development Kingsada expressed his gratitude to the WeLoveU for its volunteer service at the time of the XeNamnoym Dam collapse in Laos. He expressed his support for the WeLoveU’s activities, saying, “It’s really nice to see volunteer service done with the heart of a mother who is someone who everybody needs. I hope that you will continue to help many people with a warm heart in the future as well.” Lee Baek-woo, who attends the concert with his family every year, said, “The WeLoveU’s volunteer service is not just for show but gives tangible help to those in need. Through this concert, I think my son will grow up to be a person who can take care of his surroundings and neighbors.” He also said, “I plan to continue participating in the future as well.”

A Beautiful Walk With the WeLoveU

“The singers who cheer on and comfort the hearts of the injured with your beautiful songs every year, the WeLoveU members who think of other people’s pain more than your own, ambassadors from each country who generously gave encouragement and support, and all the organizations who sponsor the concert, as well as all everybody who anonymously send donations, you have all shown your sincerity to help our neighbors in the global village . . . you are all the WeLoveU Foundation family members forever. Happy New Year, and I hope you, such beautiful people, will accompany us in this beautiful path as part of the WeLoveU family. Thank you.”Honorary Chairwoman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Zahng Gil-jah

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Together hand in hand, the WeLoveU family will continue to accompany each other in the New Year without rest to shine the light of hope and love to the global village families.